Body Light Info

Blinking body lights are fun, flashing products which use diodes as their LED light source. These magnetic flashers are battery powered. Blinking body lights are also known as magnetic flashers and flashing blinkies.

Each blinking body light has two powerful magnets which enable you to fasten it to clothing, name tags, posters, metal, etc., without harm. The body light magnets are so powerful that you can attach the blinking body light to your ear lobe . The blinking body light shapes use CR 927 lithium batteries for longer life. All batteries are replaceable.

Cords with foam backers are available which fit the body light shapes and allow you to wear them as a necklace.


The blinking body light shapes are individually packaged on pegable cards, which makes our body lights perfect for a display rack.

Each Shaped Blinking Body Light comes with two powerful CR927 Lithium batteries included and installed for immediate operation. Each flashing body light is individually packaged on a pegable card. The powerful magnets on the back provide damage-free attachment to your clothes, ear, steel and more...
Instructions for using body light
Each flashing pin uses 2 cr927 lithium cell batteries to power the light emitting diodes it contains on a circuit board. The batteries go inside the battery compartment on the back of the led jewelry. The battery compartment also acts as the switch to turn the flashing led on or off.The battery compartment is made up of one piece that is soldered to the curcuit board and a second peice that threads onto the first.To start the light flashing one would tighten the threads of the battery compartment, and of course to turn it off the threads are loosened. Inside the battery compartment there is a magnet. There is a second magnet that attracts to the one inside the battery compartment. The second one can be removed and placed behind the earlobe or collar for example and when the neon party light is applied to the other side of the earlobe or collar,then the magents attract and the light is fastened to the object. Think of it as a magnet sandwich with the earlobe as the meat and the magnets as the bread.
Blinky lights have become very popular for family gatherings, Christmas holidays, Halloween, Fourth of July or any other event or celebration. They are great to use as decorations and your guests will love to take them home with them at the end of the night. Body lights will flash for over 12 hours, providing fun for extended periods of time. If you are interested in using body lights for an upcoming event, here are just a few creative ideas to consider to lighten up the party:

o    Turn the body light on and insert it into a balloon. Then blow the balloon up for a flashing effect.
o    Attach one light to each corner of a poster.
o    If you are sending out invitations, attach a light (or two) to the invitation so they can wear it to the party.
o    Attach one to your child's clothing for safety on dark nights.
o    Let your pet in on the fun and attach the light to your pet's collar
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