Custom Body Light

We offer a complete line of custom promotional flashing body lights. Please contact us for custom flashing body lights quotes, sample requests or questions.

Design your own body light

Step 1 -> Send image in jpg file, 300dpi, CMYK, Indicate the PMS#(PANTONE #) of each color;
Step 2 -> Let us know the size(LXW:cm),Placement and color of LEDs,Flashing Pattern;
Step 3 -> Order quantities,Package

That's it! Once we receive your order, one of our friendly Customer Representatives will contact you to confirm your details.

FAQ of Custom Body Ligt

Q: Is there a Set-Up Fee?
A: No.

Q: What color LED lights can I choose from?
A: There are currently 9 LED Colors to choose from. We have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Jade, White, Purple and Pink. Customers usually like the Blue, White and Jade LED lights the best since they are bright, appealing to the eye, and excellent attention getters.

Q: What type of artwork do I need to provide?
A: Adobe Illustrator Vector files are preferred and will result in your order looking as close to the original artwork as possible. Other acceptable file formats include .ai, .eps, . tiff, .jpg, .bmp and others. Files other than Adobe Illustrator Vector may result in a 10-20% loss in color and resolution.

Q: How will my logo be placed on the Blinkying Body Lights?
A: Apple-Light Enterprise Co.,Ltd. uses various methods to customize your Flash Pins including screen printing, using a printed PVC insert, and laser engraving. The imprint method depends on what type of item you are ordering and what type of artwork you submit to us.

Q: Can match a specific PMS color?
A: Yes, we can match the PMS colors you specify when your order is placed.

Q: How many different colors can you print on the surface of Body Lights?
A: Unlimited, As we can print using four-color process.

Q: Can I get some samples before I order?
A: We can send you some samples of other items we have imprinted on. We can also provide a pre- production sample of your imprinted item upon request.

Q: What size are the Flashing Pins?
A: We can make the Flashing Pins really big or really small. Normally we recommend something that is about 1.25 inches in width or height. This usually looks good and is small enough to wear on your shirt.

Q: How much do the Flashing Pins cost?
A: The price of the Flashing Pins varies depending mainly on what color lights are used, how many lights are used, the quantity ordered, the size of the body light, Package. Other factors may also influence the price.

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