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Flash Beach Ball/LED Inflatable Ball
Color Change LED Inflatable Balls 

Perfect for encouraging a party atmosphere, these huge Rainbow InflataBalls light up from within with colourful flashing and colour change effects! 

Custom LED Inflatable Balls with your Logo are warmly welcomed! 

Vailable with a 50cm diameter or a whopping 70cm diameter, these fantastic Rainbow Inflatable Balls contain red, blue and green LED's that go through flashing and colour change effects for fantastic party fun! Inflate and throw InflataBalls into the crowds at parties, concerts and events to really capture the party atmosphere, or simply enjoy on camping trips and holidays. 

Inflatable balls with LED's 
Available with 50cm or 70cm diameter 
Flash and colour change effects 
Look great in the dark 
3*AAA Batteries included and ready to glow!
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